What is the length of sessions?
Our counselors meet with individuals and families according to your unique goals and needs. Together you decide what is best for you and your schedule.
Sessions are generally 45 - 60 minutes in length. Initial sessions and some family sessions may extend to 90 minutes.

• Initial sessions

In the initial session we work with you to gain a full understanding of your needs and provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment. In the initial session you will experience how we work and have a strong sense of how we can work together. You may feel hopeful and a sense of relief because you have taken the first step in creating the change that you desire. Clients often report that they experience new awareness and insights from this initial session.
After we confirm your appointment, please complete client forms online. We will provide you access to our client portal.

Subsequent sessions
For individuals, subsequent sessions are 40 - 60 minutes. For families, sessions are generally 60 minutes, and occasionally we arrange 90-minute sessions, depending on your needs. Regular sessions, usually every week at first, are most effective in making long lasting changes. Sporadic sessions usually have poor results.

How does online counseling work?
The first step is schedule an appointment either on the website or by calling 1-800-522-0561 option 2.
You will be emailed client intake forms to complete after you have received you appointment.
The forms are required to be completed before therapy can begin.
Once you have completed your forms you will make a payment for your counseling session prior to the session start time. Your payment will guarantee your counseling session.

Is online counseling only accessible for local individuals?
No we can provide online counseling to any individual residing in the state of Florida.