"Regardless of the behaviors or issues you have struggled with in the past with a desire for change, guidance and support you can Learn Alternative Behaviors.” LAB 



Welcome and Thank-you for visiting our site. Learning Alternative Behaviors, Youth and Family Services, LLC provides guidance and counseling to adults, youth and their families. Our goal is to help them learn alternative behaviors to function as productive citizens. We aim to provide competent and quality professional individual, family and group counseling services to adults, youth and their families. We also seek to provide a fully integrated continuum of programs designed to help youth with emotional and behavioral problems overcome their challenges, and live successfully in their environments. Based on the belief that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges and live a healthy life when support is available. The counselors at LAB utilize an evidenced-based, client directed and cognitive behavioral approach. The overriding goal is to support and encourage the development of greater well-being among the individual and their families.


What we can Help with:


 Increase self-esteem

 Depression and anxiety issues

Anger management

Adjustments Disorders

 Parenting issues

 Life Transitions