Counseling SErvices

Counseling for Adults


We work with adults who are struggling with an issue or feeling unsatisfied with life and/or relationships, to resolve their issues. Our goal is to help individuals feel empowered and grow beyond negative patterns from their past so that they can live their life and function as a healthy individual. 

Counseling for Teens


 We work with adolescents and teens that are experiencing adjustment or behavioral problems. Whether your child has ADHD, depression, anxiety, anger issues, or is just plain out of control,  We can help diagnose the real problem and find long term solutions for your situation.  

Family Counseling


We work with families that are experiencing negative and destructive patterns of relating and help them develop the skills for forming and maintaining healthy and loving relationships.  We can help you re-build and make your family relationships better. 

Group Therapy


 Throughout the year we run group therapy. The groups generally comprise of 8-10 members and are time-limited to 6 -8 sessions.  If you are interested in joining or participating in a group, please let us know and we will advise you when the next group is commencing. 



 Throughout the year we will offer workshops or seminars on specific topics.   Seminars can also be scheduled for organizations, business groups, schools, and employers.  Topic and length can be tailored for your group's needs.  If you are interested in a workshop, please email and let us know and we will schedule you for one. 



 Individuals that are court ordered may be required to receive a mental health assessment and if so are able to have one completed with us. Email for more information.